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We offer Gift Certificates for a full system and installation including vehicle specific parts and labor or you may simply purchase a gift certificate for a specific value which the recipient will use towards the purchase of a full system.
We take a lot of pride in the craftmanship of our hand made Gift Certificates
Our Gift Certificates are Hand Created in-house on a per order basis and have a really high quality look and feel. Each Gift Certificate is Personalised with vehicle information and if you wish you can customise the gift certificate with a special message. Also supplied with each Gift Certificate is a friendly seasonal card and envelope. After placing your order you may pick up the gift certificate in person or we can mail the certificate to you.
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Purchase a Gift Certificate for the amount of a system including full installation. This type of Gift Certificate will cover all costs associated with parts, installation and any vehicle specific parts and labor that may be required for a system to work properly.
Purchase a gift certificate for a specific amount which can be used towards the purchase and installation of a system. This type of Gift Certificate would be purchased when you want to help someone pay for their system but you don't want to pay for the whole thing yourself.