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Below you'll find a list of common questions asked by Customers and Visitors of this website. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you can't find your answer here by using the Contact Us form or by calling us at (612) 250-7293. Jump to a FAQ Section

General Questions
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Question. What makes doing business with 12 Volt Heaven a good decision for me and what are some of the benefits?
Answer. We aim to please, Strive for perfection in every job we do, Have some of the best prices available anywhere and we go above and beyond our competition to keep you satisfied. Some of the benefits of doing business with us are Warranty, Convenience, Quality, Customer Service and More.
Question. How do you make your wiring connections and are you MECP Certified?
Answer. Our wiring connections are made by either plug and play solutions or wires are interfaced with in a safe and reliable manner. Wiring is neatly grouped together and TOP QUALITY installation materials are used to insure many years of trouble free operation. Yes we're certified. Its really important to have a certified technician working on your vehicle.

Scheduling / Service Charge
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Question. What exactly is a $20.00 non-refundable deposit taken for?
Answer. This is a non-refundable deposit that is assessed when ever we schedule an appointment. This is to insure that people don't cancel appointments. This is not an additional charge on top of your quote and the deposit amount will be taken off the final bill once the work to your vehicle is complete.
Question. Ok so there's no way around the non-refundable Deposit then. What happens if I need to change my appointment time or date will I loose my $20.00?
Answer.  If you need to re-schedule go ahead and re-schedule. The only time we keep your $20.00 is if you decide to fully cancel your appointment or once we have completed an installation.

Warranty Information and Service
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Question. Do all of your products come with a warranty and if I need warranty service what do I do?
Answer. Yes every product that we sell comes with the full manufactures warranty. If you ever need a product replaced or repaired just contact us directly and we'll do all the work for you.
Question. What about your Installation warranty - How does that work?
Answer. Well its pretty simple. Once we do an installation its got a life time warranty. This covers labor, and anything to do with the labor but it doesn't include installation products such as wiring or relays. (we suggest getting the good wiring that we'll probably recommend)
Question. So You'll come out to my house and do a warranty job and I wont be charged anything for it?
Answer. Yea! If we installed the product or did the work on site then of course we'll come out to your place and fix any warranty related issues no problem. This is a good reason why you paid the initial $20.00 for a Service charge.